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Effective Root Canal treatments

How long with it take?

Toothache can be excruciating and make life a misery. If you are in pain, call us to book an emergency appointment.

Root canal treatment, otherwise known as Endodontics, is the treatment of the tooth’s nerve. If bacteria reach the nerve, or pulp, in the centre of the tooth, it can cause it to become inflamed. This is what causes the pain. If left untreated, the nerve can die, and swelling can occur; this can be very uncomfortable.

Root canal treatment allows us to save your tooth.

What causes me to need root canal treatment?

Bacteria entering the nerve is why we need to perform root canal treatment. Bacteria can enter the nerve through:

  • Untreated tooth decay
  • A fracture in the tooth
  • An intense filling

How do I know if I need a root canal?

There are various symptoms that you may have; these include:

  • Persistent toothache
  • Throbbing, aching pain in the jaw may even move from the top jaw to the bottom or vice versa.
  • Pain on eating.
  • Swelling.

A thorough examination will be needed to diagnose if a root canal is necessary.

What does root canal treatment involve?

Root canals get a bad reputation, and people love to tell horror stories about them, but generally, they are a pain-free procedure.

At Chapel Dental, we use the latest equipment and techniques.

First, we need to numb up to the tooth with a local anaesthetic, and we will ensure you are profoundly numb. Once this has been achieved, we access the tooth and, depending on the tooth, find the canals containing the nerves. We remove the bacteria in the canals by shaping them with our files and removing them with our anti-bacterial irrigant. Once they are clean, we place a filling in the canals and then fill in the tooth.

All root canal treatment will be carried out under a rubber dam. A rubber dam is a non-latex piece of material that isolates the tooth. It ensures that no further bacteria in the mouth will enter the root canal system.

How long will a root canal take?

Depending on the tooth, it could take from 60mins to 2 hours. We appreciate this long appointment and encourage our patients to bring music or audiobooks.

Do I need a crown or onlay at the end of treatment?

This depends on numerous factors:

  1. Where the tooth is
  2. The extent of the access cavity
  3. If there are any pre-existing restoration present.

We know that molar teeth with a root canal are 6 times more likely to fracture than non-root-treated teeth. Due to this evidence, we recommend a crown or onlay on your back teeth. However, the choice is yours.

We do not advocate leaving infections in the body; in rare circumstances, infections can spread to other body parts and cause harm.

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"Recently had the dreaded root canal treatment at Chapel dental. In the chair for over an hour but surprisingly painless and actually relaxing. The the final outcome looks good." Steve, Wycombe