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A smile makeover is exactly what it sounds like it’s a makeover for your smile

Normally it involves numerous different aspects of dentistry, for example, tooth whitening, straightening your teeth, veneers, and implants, but it is uniquely tailored to your own personal needs and goals.

Who is suitable for a smile makeover?

If you are self-conscious of your teeth and hide your smile and hate having your photograph taken, then a smile makeover could be for you.

A smile makeover can change:

  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Discoloured, stained or ageing teeth
  • Small, worn or misshapen teeth

What happens in a smile makeover?

This depends on what your wants and goals are. The first step is always a conversation and for us to understand what you want to attain.

A detailed examination will follow the conversation.  This will involve photographs, videos, x-rays and a digital scan.

With all of this information, we can then analyse the aesthetic component of your current smile and design your new smile.

We pay particular attention to the teeth in the aesthetic zone of your smile. We will try and create harmony with the tooth proportions, the tooth colour, your smile and gum line. All of this should complement your face.

We will also assess to see if we need to replace missing or straighten misaligned teeth.

Once we have planned your new smile, we will present it for you to consider. Once you decide to proceed with the treatment, we will book appointments suitable to your schedule.

One important aspect of a smile makeover is maintenance. Once the treatment is completed, seeing your dentist and hygienist for regular checkups is important. 

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Need a second opinion?

Have you considered cosmetic treatments at other practices like Invisalign but think it’s too expensive and would like a second opinion? Take advantage of our free cosmetic consultations to see what our professionals can do for you instead.

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