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New smile - new you! Get ready for the next chapter in your life

Ready for the next big change in your life in 2024?

How does a brand-new smile of a full set of porcelain or composite veneers sound? Minimally invasive and a life-long upgrade, veneers are perfect for patients ready to remarket themselves and enhance their smile, appearance and confidence.

Get a full mouth of our incredible porcelain veneers for our best price yet. Feel like your best for as little as…

Two Veneer Offers + Our Best Prices Yet

Patients across Buckinghamshire need to know about our latest, incredible offer, which has seen our veneer products discounted up to 20% – and this offer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so don’t worry if you’re just finding this page.

  • Veneer offer one: A full mouth of porcelain veneers for £6,240 (£780 per tooth with the discount applied). £520 a month on 0% finance.
  • Veneer offer two: A full mouth of composite veneers for £2,400 (£300 per tooth with the discount applied). £200 a month on 0% finance.

It’s time to show off your smile in your profile pic.

Get a new smile in 4-6 months with Invisalign - Up To 60% Less Expensive

Tooth Whitening Smile Makeovers

Advanced Boutique Whitening for just £350 in Wycombe

  • Have you lost your confidence?
  • Are you embarrassed to laugh and smile in public?
  • Are your teeth ageing you?

Our award-winning dentists know just what to do with your smile to make you look younger.

At Chapel Dental, we understand the power behind a smile! We can help make your vision your reality by using the latest technology – this is why we are Buckinghamshire’s go-to clinic for beautiful smiles. (And we offer 0% finance).

For a limited time only, we are offering a free cosmetic consultation to all new patients in Wycombe.

Your cosmetic dentist at our Local Wycombe practice

Dr Rachel Derby BDS, MSc Endo

Our Principal dentist, Dr Rachel Derby, has won several awards for her exceptional cosmetic and restorative dentistry experience and skills.

  • Her talents were most recently recognised when she was awarded the prestigious Dentist of the Year at the Dental Awards 2022.

From an advanced general dentistry background, Dr Derby began her career with the fundamentals of creating and maintaining a strong, viable, healthy smile.

However, that said, Dr Derby, today has a true passion for cosmetic dentistry, leading her to refine her expertise by attending several courses worldwide. Now, after opening up her own clinic in Buckinghamshire, she is ready to show off her talents and provide state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry for local patients in the area who might feel held back by their smiles.

To make an appointment with Dr Rachel Derby, the Wycombe Dentist please contact us below.