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Dentist Wycombe

Cosmetic Dentists Wycombe

Repair and transform your smile

Same-day option

Passionate & Experienced

When it comes to smile makeovers, you don’t want a regular dentist – you want cosmetic dentists, who, like us, are considered dental artists with decades of experience designing and sculpting the perfect smile.

Our cosmetic treatments improve the shape, colour, alignment and balance of your smile without causing any damage to the underlying foundation or tooth structure.

Popular Cosmetic Dental Treatments

There are a variety of options available to improve or enhance your smile. 

before and after braces

Dental Veneers

  • From £300 / £25.00 pm
  • Composite and porcelain options
straighter smile result

Composite Bonding

  • From £150 per tooth
  • 1-hour appointment
good dental practice near me image

Teeth Whitening

  • From £350 / £29.16 pm
  • At-home and in-chair options
single dental implant image

Dental Implants

  • From £2,500 / £208.33 pm
  • Inclusive of abutment and crown
chapel (37)

Cosmetic Braces

  • From £2,750 / £229.16 pm
  • Straighter teeth in 3 months
dentist wycombe image

Smile Makeovers

  • Bespoke treatment plans
  • Wedding day packages

Minimally invasive options

No Drilling, No Anaesthesia, No Injections

Modern cosmetic dentistry doesn’t have to involve drilling every single tooth or having veneers on every tooth. Life-changing results can happen without having to prepare any of your underlying smile at all.

For example, composite veneers and bonding require no tooth shaving or any removal of enamel to be placed. Instead, we build on top of the smile you already have without compromising on quality or thickness.

Fix any smile problem

Perhaps you feel your teeth are too short and want them lengthened, or you may think they look too yellow. Whatever it is, we can help. 
Find your smile problem below to discover exactly what we can do to save your smile.

ceramic braces

Crooked Teeth

  • Misalignment and bite problems?
  • Overcrowding or too many teeth?
  • Want immediate results? Or an alternative to braces?
patient after shot

Stained Teeth

  • Discoloured teeth?
  • Teeth yellowed with age?
  • Heavy surface stains? Brown or black spots on teeth?
Be proud of your smile

Small Teeth

  • Short or aged teeth?
  • Teeth worn down or eroded?
  • Are teeth too small? Suffering from microdontia?
wycombe dental patient

Gaps between teeth

  • Gapped front teeth?
  • Gaps between several teeth?
  • Gaps caused by receding gums? Or gum disease?
wycombe dental studio

Narrow Smiles

  • Narrow upper arch?
  • Teeth appearing narrow?
  • Want a wider, straighter smile without braces?
dental implant photo

Missing Teeth

  • Lost a tooth to gum disease?
  • Had a tooth extracted?
  • Tooth knocked out or become wobbly?

Why Patients Choose Us?

Cosmetic Dentists in Wycombe

Practice Founder, Dr Derby, featured in Young Dentist as a cosmetic dentist to watch opened up Chapel Dental in High Wycombe a few years ago to offer locals an improved cosmetic dentistry experience only found in cities.

Not believing in short-term fixes, Dr Derby works with long-lasting prosthetics and treatments that ensure you enjoy your new smile for longer.

When we plan your case, we will look at your long-term goals, helping you to leave with a customised, bespoke treatment plan tailored exactly to your needs.

We Look Forward to Seeing You

25 Heath End Road, Flackwell Heath, Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP10 9DT

Tel: 01628 810024

Marion Lewis
Marion Lewis
I needed a new dentist as my last dental practice had closed so went to Chapel Dental in Flackwell Heath. From the minute I walked through the door I felt comfortable. The first consultation was incredibly thorough. A few days later I arrived with some trepidation for a filling. I had always thought that the injections were the worst part of any treatment. So it was a big surprise when I was told that it was done and we would wait for the numbness to develop. Amazing. Great care was taken and throughout I felt very relaxed. A couple of weeks later I was back to have a faulty bridge removed. Again remarkably painless as was the next visit to remove the temporary and fit the new. Can recommend the practice. Go and meet the team and never be worried about dentists again. I’m almost looking forward to going back next June for a check up. Marion.
Sam Humphriss
Sam Humphriss
Location under new management and working well. Rachel and Erica both very professional and friendly. Very happy with standard of care.
Charles Hill
Charles Hill
Good to have a friendly caring dentist who gives you confidence in her work. All others staff in the surgery are great as well. A pleasure to go there and will recommend to all
Chris Hearne
Chris Hearne
Rachel is a excellent dentist, her work is of a very high standard . Great care was taken over my two crown’s which look fantastic. Rachel and Erica her dental nurse make a perfect team. Anita Hearne
Zubair Usman
Zubair Usman
Flackwell and the surrounding areas has been blessed with a fabulous dentist! Dr. Rachel and Erica the receptionist are brilliant. They are the NEW team at Chapel Dental surgery. Whatever problems you may have had in the past couple of years at this surgery are in the past. The first time I attended, the first thing I noticed was Dr.Rachel’s award for Best Young Dentist 2021. I went in yesterday to find that she had added 2022 to her collection 🤯. My daughter needed 5 of her baby teeth pulling. She’s 11. Great experience and those are her words, not mine. I needed a filling replaced that the previous dentist had done. The attention to detail was reassuring. I mean which dentist tints the filling to make it look better? I could see Dr.Rachel was gleaming with pride at her work at the end of it. That’s always a good sign. This is the place if you’re after a fun talented dentist and welcoming receptionist All in all a fantastic experience.
David Liddiard
David Liddiard
Had a tricky extraction last week,Rachel Dentist was amazing she had planned how it was coming out ,I had no swelling,or bruising or discomfort..her dental nurse superb,you know that cold water feeling in your throat,none of that she kept the suction exactly in the right place..And I listened to Elvis throughout the procedure.and no he didn’t sing Crying in the Chapel..Rita Liddiard
Vic and Fox Wild
Vic and Fox Wild
Dr Derby has provided me and my son with outstanding dental care and orthodontic treatment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her; her professional advice and direction has transformed my smile and made my 9 year old at ease with visiting the dentist. Customer care and focus is a priority. Highly recommended
Steve Underwood
Steve Underwood
Recently had the dreaded root canal treatment at Chapel dental. In the chair for over an hour but surprisingly painless and actually relaxing. The the final outcome looks good.
Sophia Ball
Sophia Ball
I was greeted with a warm welcome by Erica who made me feel at ease. The dentist (Rachel) gave me the most thorough check up I have ever had, she also took a scan of my teeth and explained what was going on in my mouth, which I have never had done before. She told me that she would do one every year so she can monitor my dental needs. great service and great value for money, looking forward to seeing you guys in 6 months!