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Dentist Wycombe

With Chapel Dental, patients in Wycombe can trust that we provide long-term solutions to everyday smile problems and conditions. As both cosmetic and general dentists, we don’t just consider the smile’s aesthetics, but how it functions for optimal dental health.

Award-winning dentists

You’ve landed in the right place if you’re a patient in High Wycombe looking for a experienced, talented dentists. 

Whilst the management of Chapel Dental is new, our small team consists of highly established individuals with years of experience across multiple areas of dentistry.

We’re hugely proud of the team we’re building here at Chapel Dental; each associate dentist and dental nurse, like the founders, are dedicated to the latest dental developments and techniques and are committed to bringing modern, advanced dentistry to Buckinghamshire.

Our family dental clinic and friendly clinic offers the highest quality private dental care with services spanning from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry.

Begin with preventive care

Whether you need us for general hygienist treatments to keep nasty conditions like decay and gum disease at bay or require us to ease tooth pain, toothache or infections, we’re here to help.  With the practice being open till late on Mondays, we can accommodate patients much more easily, working around their busy schedules and lives.

Future patients should also remember that they offer special dental services for anxious or phobic patients. We can offer types of sedation dentistry that can ease you into treatment and provide you with extra comfort and support that can be difficult to come by locally. 

We know that a foundation of a good smile relies on a healthy, sound foundation. Let us help you create and sustain one that will ensure your mouth remains as healthy as it can be for years to come.

As any private dentist in High Wycombe, Chapel Dental serves patients of all ages in the local (HP10/HP11) area and helps them to maintain a strong, healthy oral foundation with recommended general treatments like:

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Don’t just choose any clinc when researching the best places in Wycombe for cosmetic dentistry. Choose cosmetic dentists like us, who live and breathe sparkling, enhanced smiles.

The best cosmetic dentists in the UK have trained our dental team to custom-create natural-looking smiles that can serve patients for practically a lifetime. 

Cosmetic dental treatments currently on offer:

  • Dental implants as a solution for missing teeth
  • Cosmetic dentistry as a solution for gapped, crooked, stained and misshapen teeth. See all the smile problems we treat here.
  • Orthodontic treatments like Invisalign to straighten teeth discreetly and quickly.
  • Veneers as a fast solution to treat bad teeth.
  • Smile Makeovers for custom smile designs using a wide range of cosmetic procedures.
  • Teeth Whitening to lighten and brighten teeth up to 18 shades.

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Why Chapel Dental?

  • Avoid external referrals; come to our dental clinic for in-house specialists working across numerous areas of dentistry, including orthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery and more.
  • Joint, free cosmetic consultations for patients interested in dual treatments like Invisalign and Veneers.
  • Open till late – we’re open till 7 pm every Monday.
  • Our experienced cosmetic dentists confidently take on complex cases, particularly implant dentistry, orthodontics and restorative dentistry.
  • Our clinic uses advanced methods, technology and equipment, meaning we provide faster appointments, scans, impressions and diagnostics.
  • Hundreds of smiles transformed cosmetically – and thousands more smiles were saved and repaired by the talented Dr Derby.

Arriving at our practice

Our location makes it easy for commuters to arrive at the practice, especially during commuting hours. We’re a 12-minute drive from High Wycombe station and a 31-minute bus ride using the 35 or 36S.

We’re only a short drive (no more than 20 minutes) to many locations spread across the county. There is free street parking outside the clinic, but if this is a bit busy, we are a short 3-minute walk from a bigger car park on Old Kiln Road, which is free for the first two hours.

Currently accepting patients from Beaconsfield and Marlow, North-end Woods, Heath End, Sedgemoor, Little Marlow, Wooburn, Beaconsfield, Cookham and Sedgemore.