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Dentist Wycombe

General Dentists Wycombe

Relieve toothache and prevent tooth decay

Routine Check-Up Appointments from £64

General Dentistry Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do

At the Chapel Dental Clinic, we believe that prevention is better than cure, and we want you to keep your teeth for life. Our dentists are armed with the latest technology to deliver the best dental care.

Your dental check-up gives us a chance to:

  • Check your medical history and make sure it is up to date
  • Comprehensive and detailed examination of your bite, teeth and gums
  • Free oral cancer screen

Essentially, this appointment allows us to spot problems or identify and treat them before they get too big. It also gives you a chance to voice any concerns that you may have about your teeth and mouth.

Once a year, we will also take a complimentary digital scan of your mouth. This will allow us to compare your teeth to what they were like one year ago. With this technology, we will be able to detect:

  • If your teeth are wearing down, and if so, at what rate
  • If your teeth are moving and if they are, how fast 
  • If your gums are receding, and if they are, how much

Armed with all this information, we can provide you with a personalised preventative regimen and, if needed, a bespoke treatment plan. Learn more.

General Treatments & Prices

We offer every dental treatment possible at our Wycombe practice, which means your case will never need to be referred regardless of its complexity.

before and after braces

Hygiene Sessions

  • 30-minute sessions for £80
  • Deep cleaning, root scaling and planing
Improve your smile image

Invisible Fillings

  • White fillings from £150
  • Amalgam and mercury free
dental pain photo

Tooth Extraction

  • Simple, pain-free extractions from £120
  • Surgical extractions (wisdom teeth) £290
gingival veneers photo

Root Canals

  • Save a dying, infected tooth
  • Costs begin from £490
dental crown image

Dental Crowns

  • Natural, modern-like crowns from £850
  • Available on 0% finance  / £70.83 pm
happy child dentist

Children's Dentistry

  • Free exams 0-7 Years if parent registered
  • 8-16 yr check-up costs £18

Dentists you can rely on

Better Patient Care

Chapel Dental in Wycombe was founded with the mission to provide ethical, safe and modern dentistry to families across the county. Our patient care is friendly and focused on delivering treatments that align with our patients’ needs, goals and budgets, not just so their oral health is improved but the entire balance and look of their smile, too.

Evidence of our commitment to delivering high levels of care can be found in our Google reviews. In our short time since opening, we’ve helped hundreds of patients and, in turn, been reviewed five stars for our efficient, friendly and affordable service.

Investing in our practice, staff, equipment and technology has meant that we’re able to offer a wider range of more advanced dental treatments and techniques, which can be challenging to come by locally, which means there’s no need for referrals when you choose us.

Backed by dentists with a plethora of experience in restorative dentistry and acknowledged as experts in our field, we provide our private patients with the latest innovations in dentistry from bone grafting to modern prosthetics like veneers and implants. 

New Patient Offer

Available to patients throughout Wycombe

For just £120, new patients to our clinic can receive a 10-point check of their oral health, with x-rays included at no additional charge.

What’s included:

  1. Examination of your oral health and dental concerns
  2. Diet analysis, radiographs and oral cancer screenings
  3. Full assessment of gum health
  4. Health check of existing fillings
  5. Occlusal and TMJ assessment
  6. Health report and treatment plan
  7. Signs and evidence of teeth grinding
  8. In-depth bite and function analysis
new patient image

We Look Forward to Seeing You

“Rachel and her assistant are lovely, very friendly and welcoming and put you at complete ease. Her checks are very thorough, the 3D images are amazing, so you can see exactly whatever problems you may have. She went through everything in detail and also planned for any future problems. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Thanks Rachel.” Shelly, Wycombe

25 Heath End Road, Flackwell Heath, Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP10 9DT

Tel: 01628 810024