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A Root Canal Might Be The Only Way to Save Your Tooth

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Root Canal VS Tooth Extraction

Toothache is one of the worst pains that anyone can go through. It has even been reported to be worse than childbirth!  (As many people have more than one child but never want more than one toothache, this fact must be actual!)

Once a tooth becomes infected by bacteria and is painful, there is only one choice:

Do you want to save your tooth, or do you want to extract it?

At Chapel Dental, we will always be transparent, give you all of the information you need, and guide you as best as we can; however, ultimately, it is your choice, and you will never feel judged about what you decide.

Many of our patients want to save their teeth. This can be done by providing you with a root canal.

I and most other dentists are aware that patients are terrified of having a root canal, and many horror stories have been told about this particular procedure.

However, with modern equipment and techniques, this procedure has been revolutionised.  My patients often tell me it was never as bad as they thought.  I even have patients fall asleep through the procedure!

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A root canal allows us to save your tooth and keep it functional

Although a complicated procedure at Chapel Dental, it will be safe and painless. We will treat you with every kindness that we can muster. It is usually completed in one appointment and can take approximately 90 minutes to complete.

If you are having a molar or back tooth root treated, it is usually recommended to have a crown or onlay. Root-treated back teeth are 6x times more likely to fracture after having a root canal. 

If they also have an extensive filling on the tooth, which, in my experience, they usually do, then the tooth’s fracture resistance can drop to 17-30%. 

If we place a crown or onlay, we can improve this fracture resistance to 90-95%. This will make the tooth vital, robust, and reliable, allowing you to chew comfortably and confidently.

Are you opposed to saving your tooth?

To speak to us about your options, call us on 01628 810024 or email