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How Much Does a Single Implant Cost?

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Single Implant Costs

  • Had a tooth extracted and need to replace it?
  • Lost a tooth to disease or decay?
  • Accidentally knocked out a tooth?

Dental implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement. They last up to 30 years and have a 98% success rate. They replace natural tooth roots, which preserve bone, protect other teeth, and prevent facial structures from sagging. 

But how much does a single dental implant cost? And are there any additional fees you need to be aware of? We’ll break down the costs of a dental implant and any other procedures you might need to make your dental implant treatment a success.

A single dental implant in the UK costs from £1,500 to £3,000

At our practice in High Wycombe, we charge £2,550, which includes the implant, the abutment and the crown. When researching costs with other dentists, to know the full price, make sure that all three components are included, as some websites will detail the cost of the implant itself but feature additional costs for the abutment and crown. 

What the cost is inclusive of:

  • Your dental implant (titanium screw)
  • The abutment to attach the fake tooth
  • The dental crown (final restoration)
  • The procedure and placement of all devices
  • Anaesthetic and post-op medication

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Additional fees

Your initial consultation (£200)

If you want to explore dental implants as a viable option, you’ll need to undergo a prior consultation, which will assess if you qualify for immediate placement. This consultation is charged for by a dentist, which will cover your 3D scans and x-rays, which will examine the quality of bone in your jaw and assess its overall health. The appointment will also include a general check-up of your oral health to assess the condition of your teeth and gums and help the dentist design a treatment plan that suits your situation. 

If you’ve had missing teeth for a while, you might have a breakdown of bone in your jaw, which is not stable or strong enough to hold a dental implant.

Pre-prosthetic procedures like bone grafts or sinus lifts are sometimes necessary to make implantation possible, which is usually discovered during your consultation. If you need a bone graft before dental implant placement, you typically pay between £200 and £1,000. 

Other fees you might face, for example, might be a tooth extraction if we remove your dying tooth before implant placement, typically costing £190.

Dental implant financing

Dental implants are not available through the NHS, which only rewards implants in very rare cases, where traditional prosthetics like dentures and bridge placement are not possible. So, for some patients, affording treatment can be challenging.

Like many cosmetic treatments, dental implants are available on dental finance, where you can split the cost of your treatment into affordable monthly instalments. For example, paying for dental implants over 12 months with 0% interest is £212.5 per month, with no additional cost of credit or the need to place a deposit.