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Dental Implants & 3 Was to Save Money

We’re based in High Wycombe

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How Much Dental Implants Cost & Three Ways to Pay for Them

*Updated 2023 prices for dental implants (UK)

  • Looking into dental implants?
  • Sick of dentures or embarrassed of missing teeth?
  • Worried about how you’re going to afford them?

Don’t be. Multiple implant solutions suit varied budgets and three ways to pay and save money.

Regular dental implants, including abutment and crown, cost £2,550

Ways to pay for dental implants

  1. Upfront (credit cards accepted)
  2. 0% Finance
  3. Finance with 14.9% APR for terms extending 12 months
  4. Part-payment
  5. Dental Insurance

Three ways to save money on dental implants

  1. Practices just like us hold multiple open days each year, which gives missing teeth patients the opportunity to receive a free implant consultation with an experienced implant dentist, undergo their scans worth hundreds and even receive a discount off their implant treatment – all in all saving you thousands off of your treatment. If you want to be the first to know about these open days, request to be added to our mailing list here.
  2. Dental finance is an easy option to break up the cost of your payments into affordable monthly instalments. Choose to spread the cost of your payment from 12 to 60 months, with 12 months being interest-free.
  3. Dental insurance is another way patients can save money on cosmetic and restorative treatments. Some insurance providers offer discounts of 20% and may even cover a portion of your treatment.
  4. Alternatively, patients can choose to part pay, where they can pay up to 50% upfront and then use dental finance for the other 50%, which might help make their monthly payments more manageable. Dental implant financing is redeemable on treatments costing more than £250.

High Wycombe Dentist

Is there anything that can affect the cost?

The price of dental implants can vary from private practice to practice. But other factors might make your final treatment more pricier than you hoped.

Often with implants, the complexity and length of treatment can be one cost aspect. Patients experiencing total tooth loss, for example, who have ignored their missing teeth for several years, may need to undergo additional procedures like dental bone grafts and sinus lifts, which will be an additional cost to expect.

Another factor could be who your dentist is and where they are based. City dentists tend to charge a lot more for dental implants than practices like ours in Wycombe. By being a local practice, we offer patients more competitive prices without compromising the quality of the implant, the treatment or the dentist.

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