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Dental Implant Healing Stages

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Dental Implant Healing Stages

Particularly for nervous patients, knowing what to expect from the dental implant procedure and what comes afterwards is critical in helping them proceed confidently.

Typically, the entire process can take six to twelve months to fully heal, with the implant procedure broken up in stages as we wait for particular markers to ensure everything is healing as expected. However, this will depend on the extent of your implant surgery and your unique treatment plan.

Implants take a minimum of three months to heal

Even though dental implants are the most modern (and realistic) tooth replacement method, it does not mean to as that patients can walk away in one day with a fully restored smile (unless you opted for All on 4).

During your dental implant surgery, the implant itself will be placed. The first stage of your recovery will involve letting the surgical site heal, which can take two weeks.

The best way to aid this recovery is by following our post-op instructions, which will involve modifying your diet, rinsing with salt water and keeping your head elevated.

Then, our dentists must wait at least three months for osseointegration, ensuring the bone heals sufficiently around the implant and secures it in place. Rushing this period is non-negotiable, as it can lead to implant failure or make your implant wobbly.

Whilst osseointegration typically takes three months, in some cases, depending on the complexity of your case and the number of implants placed, it can take up to nine months.

image of dental implant

After osseointegration

After a sufficient amount of healing time has passed and the implant has successfully fused with the jaw, patients will be invited back into the practice to undergo the last steps of the implant procedure to place the abutment, which will secure the fake tooth or teeth (typically a dental crown).

In some cases, this stage can take another two weeks to ensure the abutment is stable enough to withstand your final restoration.

How long do recovery and implant placement take?

In total, it can take up to a year to be finished with the implant procedure. The first stages can take 3-6 months to ensure the bone grows properly around the implant.

However, if you’re required to have any pre-prosthetic treatments like sinus lifts and bone grafts, it will only extend the waiting time as these procedures alone can take up to 12 months to heal properly.

Whilst this might sound tedious, it’s essential. If you want your implant to last you a lifetime, going through these stages with patience is critical.

That said, if you do have a special event coming up, we can use temporary restorations to boost your confidence, but in no way should the healing process be sped up.

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