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3 Types of Dental Implants

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Types of Dental Implants For Every Missing Tooth Situation

As you might already know, dental implants are the number one recommendation to replace missing teeth for their benefits and diversity in treating a wide range of tooth loss cases, from simple single tooth loss to complex full arch replacements.

1. Single Implants

  • Type: Conventional implant
  • Situation: Single tooth loss
  • Cost: £2,500 (including crown)
  • Finance: from £208.33 pm (0%)

Taking just an hour to place, a single implant is one of the easiest restorations because it focuses on replacing one missing tooth. A single-tooth implant can last up to 30 years and will have a tooth-like crown attached to mimic natural teeth.

2. Multiple Implants

  • Type: Conventional implants
  • Situation: Missing teeth throughout the mouth
  • Cost: POA (discounts are available depending on the number of implants used)

Multiple implants are just single implants used more than once to close multiple gaps in the mouth, where a dental bridge is not applicable. As patients must pay for each implant, specific deals and discounts are presented to help patients save money on multiple implant placements throughout the jaw.

3. Implant-supported bridge

  • Type: Dental bridge secured by implants
  • Situation: For teeth missing in a row
  • Cost: From £2,000
  • Finance: from £166.66 pm (0%)

Like a conventional bridge that bridges the gap between teeth, an implant-supported bridge typically uses two implants when there are three missing teeth in a row. Two implants will be placed on either side of the gap, and a crown will be used in the middle to “bridge” the gap, saving you money on another restoration.

4. Implant-retained denture

  • Type: Dentures secured by implants
  • Situation: For total tooth loss or a full arch of missing teeth
  • Cost: from £4,000 – £14,000
  • Finance: from £333.33 pm (0%)

Implant-retained dentures mostly require two implants to be placed, which makes them a simple and affordable restoration.

However, implant-retained dentures, whilst better than conventional dentures, do not provide the same “real-teeth” feeling and aesthetic as well as All on 4, but they are more realistic with less movement. Also called snap-in dentures, these implant-based dentures are removable and not fixed to the jaw.

5. All on 4

  • Type: Hybrid implant denture
  • Situation: For total tooth loss or a full arch of missing teeth
  • Cost: from £9,995 to £24,000
  • Finance: from £832.91 pm (0%)

All on 4 uses only four implants to fix an entire arch of high-quality prosthetic teeth that can last a lifetime. The prosthetic teeth are non-removable, allowing patients to eat, speak, and smile confidently.

Scientifically proven to work, the innovative restoration can replace missing teeth in just one day and is often called ‘Smile in a Day.’ Plus, you won’t require abundant bone to have these types of implants fitted.

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Implant dentistry is an art form. It’s not as simple as routine dentistry and requires a certain level of skill, talent and experience. As one of dentistry’s rising stars, Dr Derby and her team are committed and focused mostly on repairing missing tooth cases for patients in Wycombe and beyond. Our practice is friendly and welcoming, offering nervous patients sedation options to help make their treatment more comfortable.

If you were to choose anyone to place your dental implant, choose us.