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What is the process in making a denture?

Step 1: Assessment

At your first appointment we discover your wants and goals so that we can tailor our process and create a bespoke and comprehensive plan for you.

We want to ensure that your mouth is healthy and suitable for treatment, so we will undertake a detailed examination which will include any required x-rays.

We will take photographs, videos and a digital scan of your teeth.

We may have to take an impression. This creates a rough mould of your mouth and will allow our dental technician to create a bespoke tray for you.

Step 2: The Second Impression

At this stage we can use your bespoke tray to take a more detailed impression of your mouth – this will enable us to create a snug and secure fitting denture for you. We may have to prepare some of your teeth, but this will be very minimal and you will not require anaesthetic.

Step 3: Recording the bite and your cosmetic features

We will analyse and record your bite. We want to make sure that the denture is functional and that your teeth will meet comfortably. We will also record your cosmetic features. 

We advise that you bring an old photograph of you smiling so that we can try and copy your original smile. If you don’t have this, then we can have a conversation about how you would like your teeth to look.  Some people want their teeth to look natural, so we can ask our dental technician to add a bit of wear or rotate some teeth, or we can make them straight and white, it is up to you.

Step 4: The Try In

This is where we can try in the denture to check the fit, the function and the aesthetics. If there is any part of this try-in that you are unhappy with, we can easily make changes.

Once you (and the dentist) are completely happy we send the denture off to be finished.

Step 5: The Fit

This is where you can take the denture home with you. We try the denture in and check the fit, we want to make sure it is secure. We will also check the function and make sure that you are biting correctly and we will check to make sure you are happy with the aesthetics.

Step 6: Review

We want to check how you are getting on with the denture and to make any adjustments that are needed. New dentures are like new shoes and they can rub. Like new shoes you wont know where they will rub until you start using them and it is the same with dentures. At this appointment we can adjust any uncomfortable areas.

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