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Clincheck Technology

Clincheck is a 3-dimensional virtual representation (a 3D movie) of your dentist’s prescribed treatment plan. 

It will show you a simulation of what your teeth will look like during and after treatment. More.

Itero Scanner

The Itero is a mobile scanner.  It will allow your dentist to digitally capture the position of your teeth and gums.  It takes over 6000 images per second in order to create an accurate representation of your mouth.

It is such a versatile machine that you can use it to scan teeth that have been prepped for crowns, bridges, veneers or implants.

What this means for you, is no more horrible impressions.

Invisalign uses SmartTrack material.  This is a material manufactured exclusively for Invisalign orthodontic treatment.

What does SmartTrack material do?

SmartTrack material has 5 points of effectiveness, they are:

  • Consistency: applies gentle force
  •  Comfort: fits snugly and securely over teeth
  • Control: to allow the teeth to move into the correct position
  • Speed: treatment is up to 50% faster (based on clinical stipules)
  • Predictability: straightens teeth with up to 75% more predictability 

What is the material made of?

SmartTrack material is made of medical-grade, multilayer polyurethane blended plastic.  It is designed with flexibility and strength in mind making it (almost) breakage resistant.

it is also important to note that the material is free of bisphenol-A (also known as BPA), as well as free of latex, gluten, and BPS.

The Vivera retainers are made of the same SmartTack material as the aligners.

Invisalign Limitation

While Invisalign is truly a revolutionary treatment in dentistry it cannot fix everything.  Although the technology is always improving, there are some instances where fixed braces would be better.  These include:

  • severe overjets.  While mild-moderate can be fixed, severe overjets are best treated with fixed braces
  • The shape of the teeth; peg teeth or those with short crowns may not move effectively with the aligners
  • Very Deep Bites/Intrusion: Invisalign is not skilled at pushing teeth upwards, fixed braces are best for these cases
  • Large Gaps: while Invisalign can close small gaps, large gaps will require fixed braces

Need a second opinion?

Have you considered cosmetic treatments at other practices like Invisalign but think it’s too expensive and would like a second opinion? Take advantage of our free cosmetic consultations to see what our professionals can do for you instead.

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