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Dentist Wycombe

Our practice in Wycombe, is making a name for being one of the best cosmetic studios in the area. With a team headed up by finalist for Young Dentist of The Year, Dr Derby, you can rest assured that our dentists provide incredible solutions for both every day smile concerns and not so common problems.

Cosmetic treatments we offer and prices:

  • Porcelain veneers from £780
  • Composite veneers from £300
  • Dental crowns from £780
  • Composite bonding from £40
  • Invisalign from £2,750
  • Tooth whitening from £350
  • Dental implants from £2,550

Same-day cosmetic dentistry

Patients can undergo several cosmetic procedures within one appointment, meaning they can leave our practice after one appointment with the smile they’ve always dreamed of. Through investing in our practice technology, we can offer same-day crowns ready within the hour, same-day veneer applications and whiter teeth within the hour.

Smile problems we can treat:

  • Gapped and gummy smiles: We can resolve gaps between teeth and smiles that appear to be gummy, making the teeth look short.
  • Crooked, uneven and crowded teeth: Whether you have minor overcrowding or severe malocclusions we can address these confidently and quickly. 
  • Broken, cracked and fractured teeth: If you have a broken tooth or one that’s fractured at the root, we can use very affordable procedures to rebuild the tooth up again. 
  • Knocked out and missing teeth: Chapel Dental has several options for replacing missing teeth, although we recommend implants as the best choice.
  • Narrow smiles and overbites: We can successfully treat class II malocclusions and severe bite problems like overbites – we can even resolve narrow arches.

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Build the smile of your dreams

Are you thinking of undergoing a few procedures? Perhaps your smile needs straightening slightly, some teeth need replacing, and overall you want whiter teeth. No problem. We can create custom smile packages, called smile makeovers, to create your desired smile. 

Several dentists can be involved in your case, from veneer dentists to orthodontists, who are incredibly experienced in their fields and highly regarded for the results they’ve achieved. 

Your cosmetic dentist

Dr Derby is a Director of the British Association of Private Dentistry and currently serves on Board and Executive Committee and is the Chair of Education. 

Arriving at our practice

  • We’re a 12-minute drive from High Wycombe station.
  • We’re only a short drive (no more than 20 minutes) to many locations across the county. 

There is free street parking outside the clinic, but if this is a bit busy, we are a short 3-minute walk from a bigger car park on Old Kiln Road, which is free for the first two hours.

Currently accepting patients from Beaconsfield and Marlow.