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Dental Implant After Tooth Extraction

Dental Implants High Wycombe

Having an Implant Placed Following an Extraction At Chapel Dental, our goal is that you shouldn’t have to lose a tooth. However, sometimes the inevitable happens, and there is no other choice, and the tooth has to come out. How would this make you feel? How would it make you think if you had to […]

A Root Canal Might Be The Only Way to Save Your Tooth

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Root Canal VS Tooth Extraction Toothache is one of the worst pains that anyone can go through. It has even been reported to be worse than childbirth!  (As many people have more than one child but never want more than one toothache, this fact must be actual!) Once a tooth becomes infected by bacteria and […]

Case Study: How to Fix Crooked Teeth

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Best Dental Solutions for Crooked Teeth One day, a patient came to see me at Chapel Dental. Her boyfriend had recently proposed to her, and she was beginning to plan her wedding. Now, this is an exciting time in anyone’s life, and for those who have planned weddings before, you may remember the stress of […]

“Why Are My Teeth Yellow?” – Insider Dentist Tips

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Reasons for Yellow Teeth As a dentist, a question I get asked by my patients is, why are my teeth yellow, and what can I do about this? While some people are merely curious, having discoloured teeth embarrasses many of my patients to the point that quite a few are ashamed. I never want any […]