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At Chapel Dental Practice, we offer all our patients the highest quality dental treatment at affordable prices. The attached chart is only a simple ‘GUIDE’ to our prices. We are a highly competitive dental practice, so it is always worth discussing prices further with a member of our team. A course of treatment will only be carried out once a treatment plan and costs have been fully discussed and understood by the patient. A signed consent form is then issued. One copy is given to the patient and another attached to the patients’ notes. Patients can choose to pay for their treatment in one lump sum at the start of their treatment or in instalments if the treatment is a long, on-going process.
( The number of instalments is discretionary and up to the dental practice). We require half of the payment at the start of treatment if it involves any laboratory work. The final laboratory work will not be fitted until full payment has been received.
Should you wish to discuss methods of payments at any stage or time of your treatment, please do not hesitate to contact the practice principal, Dr Sona Bansel.

Routine Examination £20.60
New patient (including two small x-rays) 30mins £50.00
Cosmetic consultation 30 mins £45.00
Basic £35.00
Intermediate £45.00
Intense from £55.00
X-RAYS (small)
Small x-ray £5.00 each
Silver: small £50.00
Silver: medium £65.00
Silver: large £80.00
White: small £35.00
White: medium £60.00
White: large £80.00
Simple £80.00
Molar, per tooth £150.00
Surgical, from £180.00
Incisor/canine £230.00
Premolar £290.00
Molar £420.00
CROWNS, per tooth from
Silver £220.00
Gold £450.00
Anterior bonded (non-precious metal) £300.00
Anterior bonded (precious metal) £400.00
Premolar bonded (non-precious metal) £380.00
Premolar bonded (precious metal) £480.00
Molar bonded (non-precious metal) £430.00
Molar bonded (precious metal) £530.00
Post and core £100.00
NOTE: Ceramic crowns to be discussed with dentist
Per unit, from £350.00
Pre unit, from £350.00
DENTURES (upper or lower), from
Acrylic £250.00
Chrome £600.00
Bleaching kit £200.00
Bleach tubes £35.00
Mon-Fri from regisitered patients £60.00
Sat for registered patients £75.00
Callout fee (Mon-Fri) £200.00
Callout fee (weekend) £290.00
Children £16.00
Adult £16.00
MISSED APPOINTMENT FEE (for every 10 minutes)

Staff Training

Chapel Dental Practice is at the forefront of modern dentistry and is committed to continual professional development. All staff regularly undertake courses and examinations to maintain their knowledge of the latest developments, materials and techniques in the ever developing world of dentistry. In this way, we can ensure that our patients always benefit from
up-to-date modern dentistry being delivered to a high level of care in a safe environment.
All our dentists, hygienists and nurses are registered with the General Dental Council. Their registrations are updated yearly.
Please contact the General Dental Council or the British Dental Association for further information.

GDC web site :

BDA web site :

Health and Safety, and Infection Control

Chapel Dental Practice views this of prime importance. We aim in delivering treatment in a clean and safe environment. All staff undertake regular, vigorous training in these fields, to maintain the highest standards in accordance with government regulations and legislations.
We have a separate decontamination room on the premises for disinfection, sterilisation and storage of instruments. This room is audited and regulated on a daily basis. Wherever possible, we aim to use ‘single use’, disposable items.

Data Protection

We hold personal data about each patient on the practice computer. It is stored securely and backed up daily. The information is only accessible to authorised members of staff. The information held, allows us to provide our patients with safe and appropriate dental care. We need to retain your records for a certain length of time according to regulations. This can be whether you are an active or ceased patient at the practice.
Adults – For at least 11 years
Children – For at least 11 years or until the age of 25, whichever is longer
Should you wish to know more about our Data Protection Policy, please click on the link below. protection.pdf

Care quality Commission ( CQC )

Practice Hours
Appointments are available at the following times:
Mon: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Wed: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
Fri: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Sat: 9.00 am - 1.00 pm
Follow us:
Please note that we require 24 hrs for cancellation of appointments otherwise a charge will be applied.

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